13 maj 2007

Afghanistan: Talebans øverstkommanderende dræbt

Lørdag lykkedes det for afghanske styrker at gøre det af med Talebans militære øverstkommanderende i Afghanistan, Mullah Dadullah. For at afvise enhver tvivl om mandens skæbne blev hans lig (til højre) søndag vist frem i Kandahar. Dette kommer som et hård slag mod terror-gruppen efter at den i løbet af de sidste uger har lidt adskillige nederlag med sammenlagt flere hundrede dræbte Talebanere. Afgha.com har mere:

Governor of Kandahar, Assadullah Khalid, showed the body to reporters on Sunday. Both the BBC and the AP laid eyes on the corpse and both reporters said it resembled the impish Dadullah that has appeared in many of the well known propaganda videos. The left leg was missing, and the body had three distinct bullet holes. One was in the back of the head.

Dadullah has survived many near attempts on his life and has evaded capture several times since 2001. Previously he lost a leg (after stepping on a landmine) during fighting in Herat against Ismail Khan's forces in 1994 and later survived a grenade attack on his compoun

Largely known for his brutality on the battlefield, he is labeled a blood-thirsty sadist who enjoys killing and torturing by military analysts. Hazara residents in the central highlands who endured mass killings and a scorched earth campaign by Dadullah and his men in the late 1990's agree; referring to him as the 'Black Mullah,' a term signifying his dark heart.

He has routinely appeared in interviews with Al Jazeera and issued telephone calls to the press via satellite phones, a sloppy habit that may have allowed Coalition Forces to pin point his location.

The site of the clash is in between Sangin and Nahri Sarraj districts, both long serving Taliban bastions until recently. UK and US forces have recently made gains in resting control of these areas back from the Taliban's grip over the last two weeks.

The death of Mullah Dadullah if proven true will severely impact the coordination, organization and the momentum of the Afghan insurgency particularly in the south. His death will also serve as the most important Taliban leader to die in combat since 2001.

Afghanistans indenrigsminister har senere udtalt, at Mullah Dadullah blev dræbt i kampe i Girishk-området i Helmand-provinsen. Helmand plejede at være en højborg for Taleban indtil Afghanse tropper og allierede fra NATO rykkede ind i den i sommers og begyndte at drive Talebanerne ud. Sammen med Mullah Dadullah blev blandt andet hans bror og adskillige andre Taleban-krigere dræbt i kampene.

Udover folkemord på Hazara´erne i det centrale Afghanistan i 1999-2000, diverse terrorangreb på civile og gidseltagninger i Afghanistan generelt er Mullah Dadullah også ansvarlig for mordforsøg på et parlementsmedlem i Pakistan. Alt i alt et imponerende resume for en terrorist.

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